Union Block Marketplace

No building has figured more centrally to Peach Days than the Union Block building, which was originally built to house the growing fruit distribution business of Charles W. Knudson in 1892. It has been a stately guardian of the Peach Days Festival for 124 years! The first Peach Days event was held in 1904, to celebrate “an abundance of the best peaches in Utah."

This is the architects rendering of the Union Block building, our first historic preservation project. Union Block was formerly the J.C. Penney store and most recently Holmes Clothing. It is located at 57 s. Main Street at the east base of the famous arch. It is currently managed by Historic Downtown Brigham City as a multi-use art & culture facility, hosting such events as the Vintage Dove Market, The Farmers Market, the Kelly Donovan School of Art, and a variety of performing and visual art events and activities.

Join us in a more traditional celebration of Peach Days this year by visiting the Union Block Marketplace, which will house a collection of our finest local offerings, with an emphasis on peaches and the fruit industry that is the foundation of much of our history.

This is a new venue for Historic Downtown, so we are still allocating booth space. As of this writing, we have vendors in the following categories:

Antique & vintage    
  Antique, vintage, & collectibles,  
Art & photography    
  Original oil, watercolor and local photography  
Crafts & handmade    
  Handmade jewelry, crafts, woodworking, clothing.  
Gourmet Food    
  Processed foods, honey,  
  Fresh local Peaches and locally sourced produce  


If you are a vendor of locally sourced items in Northern Utah, we invite you to rent a booth at Union Block during Peach Days. Attendance this year is project at 80,000. Visit our online application for Peach Days at Union Block